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Williamstown Bank is building a new office next to Aldi at the entrance to Kohl’s in South Parkersburg where a first grand opening took place on October 3. The banking facility will open in the summer of 2023. Left to right: Teresa Cunningham, VP of Mortgages; Joseph Flinn, senior vice president of loans; Jason Lee, vice president of collections; Melissa Douglas, Vice President and Parkersburg Office Manager; Michael Fleak, Vice President of Business Development; R. Todd Cunningham, vice president of commercial loans; Kelly Allen, senior vice president of risk management; Sharon K. Anderson, President and CEO; Alan Criss, Chairman of the Board; Robert Criss, Vice President; Walter “Pete” Butcher, director; and John Hays, director. (Photo provided)

PARKERSBURG — Williamstown Bank is opening an office in South Parkersburg next year.

The groundbreaking for the new facility took place on October 3 at the adjacent Aldi site, around the corner from the Kohl’s entrance. The new office will open in the summer of 2023.

“As a locally owned and operated community bank, we are excited to have the opportunity to better serve new and existing customers in and around southern Wood County. By emphasizing relationship-based, personalized banking while delivering the convenience and technology customers expect, we believe we can deliver a unique customer experience,” said Sharon K. Anderson, president and CEO of Williamstown Bank.

Williamstown Bank operates at three locations in Williamstown, East Seventh Street in Parkersburg and Lübeck with assets of approximately $205 million. The new full-service location will feature a non-traditional floor plan with space designed for public use and will have universal bankers to provide services such as new accounts, deposits, loans, digital banking support and the use of an interactive window. machines to provide extended opening hours for customers.

The new office will also house the second location of the Giving Cup, a donation-based cafe where customers make a donation to one of the Giving Cup recipients and, as a thank you, receive a beverage of their choice.

The original Giving Cup opened in the Lubeck office in 2020. Although the hall was closed for nearly 10 months during the COVID pandemic, to date over $20,000 in donations have been made to organizations local nonprofits, with all donations returned to the community.

“We understand the need to stay relevant and differentiate ourselves as a local community bank in an ever-changing banking environment,” Alan Criss, chairman of the board of Williamstown Bank, said. “As competition increases from fintech providers who challenge the traditional banking model, particularly from smaller institutions, we believe our approach will be adaptable and position us for long-term viability so that we can continue. to serve our customers in the future.”

Williamstown Bank was founded in 1919.

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