West Virginia senator outlines the creation of the Space National Guard


US Senator Joe Manchin, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, introduced the bipartisan Space National Guard Act to create a national guard for the US Space Force.

The legislation would allow the Army and Air National Guard that currently perform missions in support of the Space Force to continue to serve their states and country through a Space National Guard.

In 2019, active-duty space units were removed from the Air Force and placed in the new space force, but no corresponding steps were taken to create a space national guard.

There are currently more than 1,000 National Guard personnel serving in the space mission within the Air National Guard.

The Space National Guard Establishment Act would correct this disconnect and ensure that Space Force personnel who leave active duty can continue to serve with the Space Force.

In addition, the legislation would remove funding barriers between the Air Force and Space Force, facilitate mobilization and inspection processes, and strengthen Space Force culture.

“West Virginia has a rich history of contributing to achievements in space, from the important work of ‘Hidden Figures’ Katherine Johnson and ‘Rocket Boys’ Homer Hickam to the many West Virginians working at NASA and serving in the Space Force today. today,” Senator Manchin said. “We are grateful to the men and women who serve in space missions for their sacrifices and dedication that keep all Americans safe. I am proud to lead this bipartisan bill to create a Space National Guard to ensure that National Guard personnel in West Virginia and across the country can continue their service with a reserve organization that represents their specialized space missions.

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