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The Creator of the earth put so much money into the earth to support the growth and well-being of all creatures.

There are plenty of fish in the ocean and rivers, plenty of animals of all kinds in the bush, plants and vegetables, mineral resources, crude oil, fresh air, etc., all at the disposition of man, the head of all creations.

But look at the nations of the world today, especially in Africa, you will see poverty written boldly on the people. Many people live in abject poverty. Is this the will of God?

No. So why are some people rich while others are poor? Why is the gap between the haves and have-nots widening? Why aren’t so many hard-working, well-educated, high-income people wealthy?

The truth is that while some have discovered the principles of wealth creation, others still don’t know how to become financially empowered. There are principles that guide the creation of wealth, if you break these rules. The result is mockery.

But if you follow the rules. You will be introduced into the temple of wealth All wealthy people in the world have consciously or unconsciously followed the principles that are taught in this book. However, all the poor buggers have consciously or unconsciously walked against the rules. It is very important that you apply the rules as soon as you discover them.

No principle works by itself. It must be worked for it to produce the expected results. Wealth creation is a possibility for everyone, regardless of profession, gender, religion, location, race and financial status.

Whether you are a banker or a baker, a trader in petroleum products or a seller of palm oil, an employee or an employer, these are the same rules that must be followed to create wealth.

The rules are universal. They work all over the world. We have examples of those who have followed the simple rules for building wealth. These people just to name a few include Benjamin Franklin, Folawiyo, Dangotes, Mike Adenuga, Otedola, Bill Gates of Our World. , if you will, is clear as the way to the market. It comes down to two words, Industry and frugality”.

He lived in harmony with the laws governing wealth to ensure a stable future for himself and his family. His dedication to key financial principles enabled him to retire at the age of 42.

Then he started converting his money into lasting wealth. Getting rich is not a matter of luck or chance. But the one of choice. Wealth will not come if you fold your hands.

You must work, pray and follow the principles of wealth creation. The book of God declares in Deut 8:7-18. Dt 8:7-18 “For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land…

A land where you will eat bread without scarcity, you will lack nothing….

When you have eaten and are satisfied, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which he has given you. Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God… Lest when you have eaten and are satisfied, and you have built beautiful houses…

And when your lands and your herds multiply, and your silver and your gold multiply…

And you say in your heart that my power and the strength of my hand have obtained this for me; wealth.

But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to acquire riches…”.

It is very dear from the passage above, that God wants you to eat and be satisfied. He wants your gold, silver, and wealth to multiply. Poverty is not a sign of piety. Health is not the same as sin. God is not interested in keeping you poor.

He is the Highest; if you are his child; you don’t have to be the lowest. (Bishop Oyedepo said in one of his messages) God gives the power to get wealth. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob served God and were rich.

God doesn’t want you to be poor. It is the devil who wants to deprive you of all the blessings that God has planned for you. You must resist him and practice the principles of this book. You will soon be counted among the rich.


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