Was Hitler an accomplice of the Jewish circle behind the creation of Israel?


A recent Italian TV interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proved controversial. The top Russian diplomat was asked how Russia claims to denazify Ukraine when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is himself Jewish and therefore Naziphobic.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): A recent Italian TV interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proved controversial. The top Russian diplomat was asked how Russia claims to denazify Ukraine when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is himself Jewish and therefore Naziphobic.

“And then if [Ukrainian president Volodymyr] Zelensky is Jewish? The fact does not deny the Nazi elements in Ukraine. I believe Hitler also had Jewish blood. It means absolutely nothing. The wise Jewish people have said that the most ardent anti-Semites are generally the Jews. Every family has its black sheep, as they say,” Lavrov replied.

Lavrov’s remarks provoked strong reactions from various Israeli regime officials and institutions. Yet it has once again rekindled doubts about Israeli claims and the history of the events of World War II, in particular the myth of Nazi Germany’s massacre of six million Jews in the gas chambers, known as the Holocaust.

Panic surrounding the questioning of the Holocaust

It should be noted that to Lavrov’s comments, all important Zionist political and media institutions reacted strongly and hysterically.

“Lavrov’s statements about Adolf Hitler’s roots are very dangerous and do not reflect the truth,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, adding, “Lies like these aim to blame the Jews themselves for the most terrible crimes in history, which were committed against them, and thus release the oppressors of the Jews from their responsibility.As I have already said, no war today is the Holocaust nor resembles to the Holocaust.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid also responded angrily. “Foreign Minister Lavrov’s remarks are both an unforgivable and outrageous statement, as well as a terrible historical error,” Lapid said in a statement. “The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of anti-Semitism and that requires an apology,” he added.

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel called Lavrov’s comments “outrageous” and said they were meant to justify the “terrible things” Russia is doing in Ukraine.

“For historical clarification: Hitler had no Jewish blood and what is happening in Ukraine is outrageous,” he told Army Radio.

“This is false rhetoric against the Jews, and the bad comparisons between the Nazis, Hitler and the Holocaust must stop,” said Yair Golan, Israel’s deputy economy minister.

Dani Dayan, the president of Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, called Lavrov’s comments “baseless, delusional and dangerous.”

The focus of all the condemnation by Israeli officials was not whether or not Hitler had Jewish blood, rather it was that there was no doubt surrounding the Holocaust and Israel’s WWII narrative. world. Basically, Israelis are very concerned about revising their historiography in the years leading up to and following the establishment of the fake Israeli regime, and they know full well that such a view would pave the way for the histories that they erected in truth.

Hitler, the Holocaust and the Establishment of a False Regime

One of the facts that the Israelis have always tried to keep secret and create a ban on bringing to light is related to the examination of the veracity of the documents of the Holocaust myth by historians and scholars of history. . Despite the West’s deafening claims of free speech, all academic research on the Holocaust is banned and criminalized under strict national laws imposed by Western governments.

In his book “Beware: Zionism”, for example, Yuri Ivanov reveals a circle of Zionist leaders and members of Jewish terrorist organizations, such as David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Isaac Shamir, Ariel Sharon and others who foresaw to form a Zionist state based on the victim game and the creation of Holocaust history.

In the book, Ivanov refers to the agreement reached between Adolf Eischmann, the terrorist group’s accomplice in Hitler’s army, and representatives of the Jewish Haganah organization in Mandatory Palestine: “According to an agreement of 1944, Eichmann will release large numbers of Germany’s Jews from the camps to be sent to Palestine in exchange for tens of thousands of trucks the German army needed to transport its units and focus on less vulnerable areas.”

It should be mentioned that even before the start of the Holocaust, the plan to settle the Jews in Palestine with the cooperation and support of Great Britain, whose government was influenced by the Zionist lobby, had been launched. In 1939, a political document was published by the British government entitled “The White Paper of 1939”, in which Palestine was divided equally between Arabs and Jews, with Al-Quds (Jerusalem) called an “international green zone”. . The First Expedition of Jews On November 26, 1940, a group of European Jewish immigrants arrived in the port of Haifa on a French liner SS Patria without obtaining permission from the British government, then mandated for Palestine.

At the same time, the Nazi government intensified the persecution of Jews under the agreement between Eichmann, who was close to members of the Haganah terrorist organization, and Zionist leaders, and thus rendered the Zionists the greatest service. by pushing the Jews towards Palestine.

“Jewish national circles are satisfied with Germany’s policy towards the Jews because it contributes to increasing the Jewish population of Palestine. It is to be hoped that in the near future the Jewish population will increase in relation to the Arabs,” said one Zionist quoted in these remarks. years.

In fact, the secret relationship between the Zionists and Nazi Germany began under the code name “Kristallnacht”, or Kristallnacht. At this time, two Mossad agents entered Hitler’s palace and suggested accelerating a training program which then prepared the way for the Zionists to move to Palestine. The Nazis, on the other hand, suggested that ships carrying Jews to Palestine should not mention a specific destination in their documents.

As a historical document, Hitler’s will quotes him as saying that “it is not true that in 1939 I or anyone else in Germany wanted a war. The war was fought exclusively by international politicians who were originally Jews or worked for Jews.”

But there is no doubt that Hitler had hostile feelings towards the Jews and did not hesitate to say so. A story reveals the roots of his anti-Semitism: Hitler’s grandfather was a Jewish nobleman for whom Hitler’s grandmother worked. She was raped by wealthy landlord Leopold Frankenberger. When Hitler’s father was born, Frankenberger dismissed his responsibility. Consequently, on his identity card he was marked as illegitimate and named after his mother’s family Schicklgruber.

Even after the end of World War II, the same Jewish terrorist organization, the Haganah, which included Ben-Gurion, Begin, Shamir, Sharon and others, sank the ship carrying the Jews to Haifa port and blamed the Britain of the incident to prepare the ground. for more Jews to migrate to Palestine.

So, one must conclude that those who played the main role in creating the Holocaust mythos had behind-the-scenes connections with Nazi Germany and Hitler himself for the implementation of the plan.


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