US panel calls for Chinese sanctions body over Taiwan threat



Washington, Nov. 15 (CNA) The United States should create an interagency committee under the president’s direction to develop options and plans to sanction China for hostile actions against Taiwan, a congressional advisory group has said.

The finding was one of 10 key recommendations made by the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) in an annual report to Congress released on Tuesday.

Congress should “enact legislation establishing a standing interagency committee within the executive branch” to develop plans for sanctions or other economic measures in the event of “an attack, blockade, or other hostile action by the China versus Taiwan,” the report said.

The committee will also assess the economic and political consequences of the plans and coordinate among various agencies to implement them, he said.

Among its other recommendations, the USCC said Congress should task the Pentagon with writing a report on how the United States can enhance its “capacity to resist force” in the event of a Chinese attack and attempted invasion. invasion of Taiwan.

Congress should also make available “significant additional multi-year defense funds” for a planning group of Taiwanese and U.S. defense officials to identify the “interoperable and complementary capabilities” needed to defend Taiwan, and urge Taiwan to commit funds to procure its share of such capabilities, the report says.

In addition to its recommendations, the USCC also analyzed developments in Taiwan over the past year in one of the report’s five main chapters.

Discussing the impact of the war in Ukraine, the panel said China’s key findings likely relate to the importance of information management, mitigating the impact of potential sanctions and learning from performance of the Russian army.

Taiwan’s leaders, on the other hand, might conclude, based on Ukraine’s experience, that they must adopt an asymmetric war strategy, involve the civilian population in resistance efforts, and build stockpiles of materials. criticism, according to the report.

While Taiwan’s economy has shown resilience in 2022, its vulnerability to coercion from Beijing has also become more visible, as the threat of a “Chinese blockade looms over the island’s energy dependence and imported food,” according to the commission.

Besides Taiwan, the 785-page report also included chapters on CCP decision-making and the centralization of Xi Jinping’s (習近平) authority, US-China economic and trade relations, security and US-foreign affairs. China and Hong Kong.

The USCC is an independent government agency composed of 12 commissioners who are appointed for two-year terms by the majority and minority leaders of the United States Senate and by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

(By Stacy Hsu and Matthew Mazzetta)

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