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It’s not often that we find artists with many talents in different avenues. But the musician Lucky Deva, originally from Moratuwa, is part of the circle of the arts. Lucky is the founder and leader of the group Spirit is a multi-talented artist. He was a former member of the Golden Chimes, with whom he started his musical career, and now he leads his own band ‘Spirit’. As a musician, songwriter and singer, Lucky has composed over 100 songs for popular and upcoming artists. His most notable creations are the tribute songs he composed for Malini Fonseka and Vijaya Kumaranathunga and one for pop music king Clarence Wijewardane. These songs hit the peak and can still be heard on the airwaves.

Lucky found time to develop his other artistic talents and had so far scripted and produced many theatrical dramas over the past decade.

Due to the above association of Lucky, it was natural for him to acquire a special taste for local band songs, also known as ‘Kandaayam gee’. Also, it is important to mention that Lucky is the current President of the Moratuwa Arts Forum (MAF) – the pioneer and first association of performing artists in Moratuwa and perhaps the oldest music and arts society active in the country.

To add yet another feather to his hat, Lucky recently launched a new venture, a book titled ‘ULYANAGE AADARAYA’ (Ulyanaa’s Love) featuring ten short stories written by him. He said that each of these stories reflects real sensitive and passionate situations that people experience as humans in everyday life.

“I’m sure many readers will discover a connection in their lives to these plots. A short story is not necessarily a summary of a longer version. It is actually a complete story that gives meaning and purpose to human life.

I remembered my own personal feelings and life experiences while writing such thoughts in script form and hope it would make a wonderful read for people of all backgrounds and ages,” Lucky shared.

Lucky, a psychosocial programmer by profession had long been used to reading good books. He always insists on the importance of reading, mainly for the growth of values ​​in children and young people.

“In the current environment of the high-tech world, where young people are practically dependent on mobile phones, I sincerely hope that books such as “ULYANAGE AADARAYA” will help them change their minds and lifestyles to adopt knowledge-based habits, more sober and dignified,” he said. mentioned.

In conclusion, Lucky remarked that “Anyone who reads my book is sure to have the feeling that they have been a living character somewhere in a story”. It’s a new concept for book readers and I believe it’s one of my successful experiences. These are true stories based on different countries like Russia, Romania, India, UK, Italy etc.

Film scholar Givantha Arthasad, writing the review of ‘ULYANAGE AADARAYa’ had made the observation that everyone enjoying this beautiful book, will find that it is truly a part of it.

‘ULYANAGE AADARAYA’ is a publication of Sarasavi Bookstore.

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