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2021 has been a difficult year in many ways, to say the least. However, LEGO builders have also taken on new challenges like never before, channeling their creativity in new and delicious ways. The year has brought us thousands of fascinating designs, from small dioramas to larger collaborative projects. The Brothers Brick team have reviewed the past 12 months and put together our selection of the best LEGO creations of 2021 for our fifth annual LEGO Creation of the Year award.

Take a look at the fantastic models we have shortlisted and stay tuned for the announcement of our Lego creation of the year 2021 on New Year’s Eve!

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For our Creation of the Year nominees, we take a look at a wide range of genres and styles to find the best of the best. Let’s start with one of the most popular architectures. Medieval architecture is where many builders really shine, with impressive imitations of wood, stone, and even more sophisticated aging techniques. But it was Ralf Langer who got it up to 11. Its breathtaking super realistic medieval Tudor style buildings introduce dozens of fantastic building solutions, creating a particularly dark medieval street. Take some time to catch all the best bits of A light in the dark.

A light in the dark

The medieval streets are the ideal setting for fairy tales. But no fairy tale is complete without a fierce dragon. Wes talbottThe design of dragons left us speechless: who knew you didn’t need a ton of dark green or dark blue parts for an exceptional model? Instead, Wes seems to be using all the colors he has in his inventory for an amazing creature. And, of course, it’s not only a master class in color, but also the unusual texture of the dragon scales. This is how you turn a mythical creature into a charismatic antagonist of your magical story.

Magic was definitely in the air all year round. As for Rickard stensby, its story took the Disney classic Merlin in the midst of a magical act. I wish I could focus on the character himself, but it was the parquet that made me fall in love with the construction. Although it looks pretty straightforward, the creation features some great applications of creative pieces; take a closer look at the wizard’s fingers!


After winning the LEGO TBB’s Creation of the Year award for 2020, Koen Zwanengburg don’t think about stopping. This year he impressed us with another Egyptian themed creation. This time it’s a LEGO bust of Nefertiti. Once again, the palette is there, with perfect combinations of muted colors for an authentic look. Do not hesitate to take a closer look; this sculpture features full “round” detail.


As we move away from fairy tales and historical artifacts, it’s time for some heavy engineering. Jack Carleson wasted no time this year, making an incredibly detailed copy of the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the Emirates Airbus A380. The model took Jack over 10 months to complete, and we think it’s worth every piece. The 100-pound monstrosity features a complete interior with multiple floors and a fun group of passengers in their seats.

LEGO Emirates Airbus A380

Another 2021 record-breaking LEGO model has come from the construction office of Rocco Buttlière. Honestly, I have no idea how big Rocco’s office is, but his 114,000 1st century Jerusalem brick diorama must take up a ton of space! With over 500 hours of design time and 400 hours of construction time, the diorama is a sight to behold. I wish our initial post featured all the close ups, as there are hundreds of little things to check out.

First century Jerusalem - ירושלים של המאה הראשונה - (Second Temple period c. 70 CE)

This year Jan Woznica looked up at the night sky more than anyone. This is the only way I can explain how he created the most fantastic mini-build series called Tales from the space age. Whether you are an avid LEGO building enthusiast or a fan of classic sci-fi stories, these compositions will not leave you indifferent. No matter how many times I look at them, I am amazed at how Jan created such depth with just a handful of coins. If that isn’t LEGO art, I don’t know what is!

We hope you will agree that this is an impressive selection of LEGO models, all of which deserve to be selected as the best of the year. Watch for the announcement of our Lego creation of the year 2021 on New Year’s Eve!

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