The Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo reopens in a new building in Rinconada


The Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo held its official grand reopening this weekend, making its debut at its new location at 1451 Middlefield Road — and an event that unfolded with free museum tours and an up-close opportunity to meet various wild animals.

After an inauguration ceremony with municipal staff and elected officials, the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo (JMZ) has become a community celebration. The Saturday festival was organized to highlight recent renovations to JMZ, which opened nearly 90 years ago.

The historically significant children’s museum now looks strikingly different than it did when it opened in the main art room of the Palo Alto Public Library in July 1934.

Located inside Rinconada Park – which has also been recently remodeled to include a new playground, picnic area and outdoor elliptical machines and stationary bikes for public use – JMZ now offers an indoor model. 1-10 billion scale of our solar system, as well as updated exotic animal enclosures.

The new building where JMZ housed is approximately 15,085 square feet, almost twice the size of the old building. WWD now houses a large educational building, outdoor zoo and improved parking lot. the museum also offers hands-on science lessons for approximately 18,000 students in approximately 60 local elementary schools, per patch.

Museum visitors of all ages will also have the chance to hand-feed a wide array of exotic birds, like flamingos, hornbills and spoonbills. Here too, you will have the opportunity to get up close to JMZ’s resident bald eagle, the redwood; an African spurred tortoise can sometimes be seen walking on the ground for exercise and enrichment.

In 2023, california dinosaur garden – an immersive experience of California’s Cretaceous period that museum visitors can walk through and interact with – is set to debut as a new JMZ exhibit.

Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo tickets are $10 for each person over 12 months; the current hours of the museum are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
from Tuesday to Sunday ; to visit for more information, including how to buy tickets and to find a full museum map.

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