The owner of Cowboy Jack’s in St. Cloud plans to demolish the building


ST. CLOUD – Owners of the Cowboy Jack property in downtown St. Cloud say they plan to demolish the building.

The building was badly damaged in the Press Bar fire in February 2020 and has been closed since then.

According to Tuesday’s Economic Development Authority agenda, staff have been working with owners of Midnight Real Estate LLC, owners of the property, who want to redevelop the site.

Mayor of Saint Cloud Dave Kleis says the demolition will take place this summer. He says redevelopment is yet to be determined and that until a redevelopment plan is in place, the city will create green spaces so it does not have a fenced off area. He says there will be a chain-link fence during the demolition though.

In order to preserve the ability to potentially use the tax increase funding on future redevelopment on the site, it is necessary for the EDA to conclude by resolution and development agreement that the property meets the below TIF standard qualifications prior to the demolition.

The action preserves EDA’s ability to create a TIF district within three years of demolition when more details of a proposed development are known.

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