The North Las Vegas company designs unique creations


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – When you think of cabinets, you probably imagine a closet or the place where you store your dishes. 13 Action News presenter Todd Quinones takes us on a Nevada Built company making unique creations that go far beyond a basic wardrobe, while facing serious challenges.


In this bar, you don’t even need a cocktail to feel like you’re spinning.

“It was fun. It was something completely different. I mean, we built bars all day,” said Tori Young of Custom cabinet designs.


But the Whiskey Licker Up rotating bar inside Binion’s is different. It is touted as a unique feature in downtown Las Vegas.

Young and Steve Shearer are co-owners of Custom Cabinet Designs, who took on the unique challenge of building it.

“Not only to have a round bar and a rotating bar, but it was also covered with all the rustic barn wood and everything,” Young explains.

But these are the kinds of hurdles Custom Cabinet Designs are used to overcoming.


“So the manufacturing process starts here with these sheets?” Todd asks. “Yeah, so everything in between is what 99% of your business boxes are made of,” Young explains.

In addition to making high-end cabinetry for commercial properties, they also manufacture custom wall panels, reception desks, and bar tops.

“It’s lifted up on the machine and then everything is cut out. As it is cut out, it’s actually a video poker bar right now. You can see, GB is for the box. game, and it’s game box five. It’s game box four, ”Young says.

“If I’m sitting at the bar. This is where it’s going to be,” Todd said. “Exactly,” Young said.


They started in 2012. Today, their Nevada Built business on Cheyenne Avenue in North Las Vegas employs 26 people.

“Do you have several jobs at the moment indoors here?” Todd asks. “Inside, we probably have between three and four jobs. Company-wide right now … we probably have about 30 working right now, ”Young explains.


The demand for what they are doing is there. But some of the supplies they need are hard to find.

“Is the supply shortage also having an impact on your business? Todd asks. “Yeah, we actually have two sheets of material that have been on a container ship for, I think, two months now and they have no idea when we’re going to get them,” Young said.

Costs are also increasing.


“Our sheet of plywood was costing us about $ 55. We’re paying $ 124 now, ”Young explains.

Despite all the struggles and challenges, Tori says it’s worth it.

“You work really hard and you put in a lot of hours and you miss a lot of time with your family and friends because you are trying to do something. Then you turn around 10 years later, you have 20 employees something and they are supporting their families, which is pretty cool, ”Young says.

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