The Maria Foundation has announced the creation of London’s largest center for people with disabilities and children with special needs.


By building the largest center in London, the Maria Foundation will positively touch the lives of thousands of British families.

The Maria Foundation has become the next trend that Brits are talking about after its story caught the public eye and inspired many. Normally, people tend to talk about hard-to-solve problems while blaming those in power. However, a group of enthusiasts are set to change the whole game with the introduction of a social enterprise called Project FAITH. It all started with a group of professionals from different fields who came together to bring positive change to society.

Statistics clearly indicate that over 350,000 children in the UK are currently living with life-changing disabilities, many of them coming from low-income families giving them little or no access to facilities, treatment and support. support they need to live a full and capable life. This has resulted in a world where children with disabilities feel isolated, vulnerable and unsupported.

To support UK families and their children with disabilities and special needs, The Maria Foundation has announced the fundraising campaign for the UK’s largest disability rehabilitation center in London as part of the FAITH project. It will serve as a center of faith and hope facilitated by the MARIA Foundation, with the aim of transforming the lives of hundreds of families. The center will come with newly developed plans to fix broken systems causing huge problems for the British people. The facility will provide state-of-the-art equipment and therapy, as well as a team of highly trained specialists to help children with disabilities reach their full potential.

The center to be developed will provide holistic support to people with disabilities and children with special needs. Updated practices will be used for children with different needs. Care and educational support services will be offered to these people under one roof. With this centre, the lives of many families will be transformed for the better.

Making contributions to a cause intended to help children live a better life is already a great reward in itself. In addition, those who continually help the MARIA Foundation will be officially announced at our events and will have the chance to give a speech on the reasons for their generosity. Supporters will also benefit from being recognized in newspaper articles, social media and television. At the end of the FAITH project, we will publicly display the names of supporters with significant or ongoing support throughout the process. Therefore, their names will be commemorated in history to be admired by those who enter and leave the building for generations to come.

The main mission of the Maria Foundation is to work for people and to develop a better environment for children because they are the future.

In the center to be developed, people with disabilities and children with special needs will be treated by eminent specialists from all over the world. Maria Foundation connections will be used for this purpose. This will be done digitally so children and their families can save time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling overseas.

The Maria Foundation will also provide training programs for UK professionals to adopt new practices and methods to improve their performance and implement new and better therapies.

This center will also pave the way for new research and connect scientists so that they can improve the lives of children with physiological or neurological problems. The program will help physicians and scientists engage in research studies and encourage them to develop strategies for preventing neurological diseases in children.

The Maria Foundation has partnered with insurers and financial professionals so that they can provide affordable services to families who cannot afford expensive treatment for their family members. This will help cover some or all of the processing costs.

Speaking to the media, Kris K (Executive Director, Maria Foundation) said “We will combine diverse environments into one institution to provide children who use our services with full and comprehensive support while using the most advanced best practices for the most powerful therapies and treatments available. We appreciate all efforts made to help us with this goal, so we gratefully accept monetary and non-monetary contributions. Every penny of donations will go to our cause to build the FAITH project.

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About the MARIA Foundation:

The MARIA Foundation is a social program that drives the realization of the FAITH project by engaging both individuals and organizations for philanthropic funding. The MARIA Foundation is working on the realization of the FAITH Project which is the name of a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities and special needs. Its professional team consists of personnel from different fields. Their vision is to build the largest rehabilitation center in London that will create a better life for children with disabilities and special needs.

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