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Manufacturing Talk Radio

Manufacturing Talk Radio

Manufacturing outlook issues

Manufacturing outlook issues

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We are planning additional shows to expand the depth and breadth of analysis and reporting in our content as we build on the very active audience growth and popularity of our podcasts.

—Lew Weiss – Founder, Manufacturing Talk Radio

FAIRFIELD, NJ, USA, Nov. 13, 2022 / — The Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast is entering its 10th year, having launched its first episode on November 13, 2013. The podcast is aimed at the manufacturing industry and to its upstream suppliers and downstream customers by keeping them abreast of industry trends, economic forecasts and technological innovations, as well as the impacts of geopolitical events, including the war in Ukraine, shutdowns in China and other disruptions of the supply chain. The episodes attract thousands of listeners and viewers who find it an invaluable resource for keeping up to date and ahead of the headwinds, whether they are an industry supplier, working at a manufacturer, buying from a manufacturer or watching sectors to get insight into the direction of the economy. Manufacturing is a flagship industry that has signaled the start of a recession and the end of every recession for nearly a century.

The Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast produces The Flagship Report with Dr. Chris Kuehl discussing geopolitical events that impact industrial sectors. He also produced Cliff Notes and Manufacturing Matters, with Cliff Waldman, a well-known economist often quoted in the mainstream press. Additionally, Harry Moser hosts Moser on Manufacturing, which looks at relocation and proximity. Lew Weiss and Tim Grady host the main show, the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast, with guests from industry, think tanks, government agencies and thought leaders keeping listeners and viewers up to date and even a bit ahead of the business curve. The Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast has always been listed as one of the best podcasts to watch or hear because it covers the manufacturing industry much better and more thoroughly than the mainstream media.

Producing multiple episodes each month on various facets of the industry, the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast attracts tens of thousands of engaged listeners and viewers who make their living working or serving in the 18 industries that make up manufacturing, which include clothing, leather and related products; non-metallic mineral products; petroleum and coal products; printing and related support activities; Computer and electronic products; transportation equipment; Machinery; Textile factories; primary metals; Plastic and rubber products; Electrical equipment, appliances and components; wood products; Furniture and related products; paper products; miscellaneous manufacturing; Fabricated metal products; Food, beverages and tobacco products; and chemicals.

Advertisers found a responsive audience, and many guests said new prospects contacted them and specifically mentioned their interview on the show. Through its parent network, JacketMediaCo, the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast helps advertisers leverage their message with a display ad in Manufacturing Outlook magazine, the digital industry’s only trade publication focused on the future with cutting-edge, cutting-edge editorials and analysis from North America. , South America, Europe and Asia, as well as specific sectors including Outlook for Aerospace, Automotive, Materials, Energy and Cybersecurity. In addition, banners and other advertising placements are available on web pages, as well as advertisements in videos posted to YouTube.

“We are planning additional shows to expand the depth and breadth of analysis and reporting in the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast content as we build on the very active audience growth and popularity of our podcasts. “, said Lew Weiss, founder of the network, “including those contributed by independent producers. You can’t be everything for everyone, but we can be most things for manufacturing industry podcasts,” he concluded.

About JacketMediaCo:

JacketMediaCo (JMC) is an independent producer of podcasts, including the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast, the WAM podcast and Hazard Girls, which are published weekly, and Cliff Notes and Manufacturing Matters with Cliff Waldman, The Flagship Report with Dr. Chris Kuehl, and Moser on Manufacturing with Harry Moser which are published monthly. JMC has created over 800 audio and video podcast episodes available on YouTube and podcast apps including Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Blubrry and other listening platforms.

About the Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast:

The Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring the latest news, technology developments, business trends and economic forecasts with industry experts, business executives, thought leaders, academics, representatives of associations and government officials on the topics most relevant to small, medium, and large manufacturing companies.

Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady create informal guest conversations that are in-depth, insightful and informative and are intended to educate and often entertain any listener working in or aligned with the manufacturing industry. Guest comments include:
• “We would like to thank Tim and Lew and the wonderful Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast team for our chance to talk about CMMC and the challenges facing manufacturing and cybersecurity. It has been extremely helpful in promoting our message and growing our business. . Everyone on our team thinks the world of your team and your mission. Keep up the good work.”
• “The podcast interview was absolutely brilliant, truthful and you walked us through a very real and appreciated discussion.”
• “I have been a frequent guest on the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast over the years and deeply appreciate the interaction and quality. The importance of the manufacturing community cannot be overstated, and this show provides information and observations rarely seen in other media.The people brought in to interact are truly the thought leaders of the industry, and Tim and Lew bring them to the audience in an up close and personal way.

The podcast has been listed as a “must listen” to Top Manufacturing Podcasts and can be found at with video episodes posted to YouTube at www.

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