The creation of 3 new checkpoints is carried out within the framework of the logic of the Azerbaijani corridor


In order to ensure the transit from Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan, the geography of the location of three new checkpoints was also chosen taking into account the corridor logic promoted by Azerbaijan. Seyran Ohanyan, leader of the “Armenia” opposition faction in the National Assembly and former defense minister of Armenia, told reporters on Tuesday.

According to him, the Armenian authorities should explain to the public what these three new checkpoints are, where they will be installed and which respective services of the countries will be present there.

“Monitoring of the areas where the checkpoints will be located shows that from the point of view of roads and infrastructure, everything is implemented within the framework of the corridor logic promoted by Azerbaijan,” said the former minister. of the defense.

Furthermore, he found it unacceptable that the Armenian authorities were carrying out the aforementioned process by circumventing the existing procedures.

“After all, Armenia has a legislative body – the National Assembly – and the executive branch of the country is responsible to the parliament. It is unacceptable to take such measures without the consent of the legislative body and without studying the issue in the relevant specialized commissions,” Ohanyan concluded.

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