The city asks for a subsidy for the “construction of a fresco”


ROME- The city will hold a public hearing regarding an Empire State Development Corporation RESTORE NY grant application for General Peter Gansevoort’s mural property, at 233 W. Dominick St., at noon Thursday, September 22, in the Common Council Chambers of the town hall.

The town’s deputy director of community and economic development, Matthew Andrews, said comments from the public will be recorded at the hearing and that community feedback regarding the grant application and possible uses of the property is encouraged. .

The 4-storey building, including the basement, was seized for non-payment of property taxes for more than 3 years. The Real Property Committee has placed 233 W. Dominick St. on a “special projects list,” Andrews explained, and the purpose of holding the public hearing is to meet the necessary criteria for the grant application.

Andrews said the New York State Empire State Development Corporation’s RESTORE NY grant application is for $1 million to $2 million to revitalize a long-vacant building downtown. The project includes 10,080 square feet of commercial and warehouse space to be renovated and redeveloped into mixed use – commercial and residential.

The intention of the city is to facilitate the RFP (Request for Proposal) to be distributed to potential developers, including local and state businesses.

“The city is undertaking a building condition assessment and LaBella Associates (of Rochester) is doing this work, so we will have a structural and environmental assessment of the building, which is part of the development of the RFP,” said Andrews. “The intention is to try to gather information about potential unknowns on the site and incorporate those (costs) into the grant application.”

Legislation directing the city to apply for RESTORE NY funds will be presented to Common Council later this month.

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