Tesla’s Giga Berlin aims to produce 2,000 Model Ys every week


Tesla eventually aims to hit 3,000 Model Y production units every week later this year.

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28 August 2022, 09:21

Tesla Model Y is the automaker’s second-best seller globally, with more than 11 units sold every hour.

After hitting the 1,000 units per week milestone, Tesla is now aiming to hit the 2,000 units per week milestone for the Model Y crossover in Germany. A report claims the milestone is expected to be reached in September 2022. Additionally, the US electric vehicle giant plans to hit the 3,000 units per week milestone later this year at its Giga Berlin factory, TeslaMag reports. The news comes just days after Tesla hit the 1,000 units-per-week milestone for the Model Y crossover at its Giga Texas production facility.

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The automaker is working to increase its overall production volume across all of its plants. The Tesla Model Y is currently the brand’s best-selling car, followed by the Model 3. An estimate shows that every hour around 11 units of the EV are sold globally. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk is counting on this model. He even said that it would eventually be the best-selling vehicle across the world. Clearly, Tesla Model Y is already making notable progress.

Tesla’s two factories in the United States manufacture the Model Y for the local market, while the Chinese factory produces the electric vehicle for local and global markets. With the Giga Berlin, Tesla is addressing the European market. With strong demand for electric vehicles and European countries focusing on electric vehicles, Tesla’s priority for European consumption is paramount.

With the production pace increasing at Giga Berlin, Tesla appears to be thriving for 5,000 Model T SUV units each week by the end of 2022. Tesla executive Drew Baglino noted on the conference call about company revenue in the second quarter of 2022 that Giga Berlin could reach up to 5,000 Model Y SUVs per week by the end of 2022.

Date of first publication: August 28, 2022, 09:19 IST

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