Tenants express concerns about the conditions of their Springfield apartment building


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Springfield city leaders have advocated for clean, safe and affordable housing for years.

But some tenants say they get quite the opposite and have asked us for help.

Tenants in the Greystone Apartment building say their homes are infested with bugs, rats and mold.

They say their attempts to get property managers or owners to fix these issues have come to naught.

“It’s excruciating. They hear Chris Gatley but what they don’t hear is Gordon Elliott, ”said Alex Ditty.

He’s been living at the Springfield resort for a few years, but says he’s reached his limits.

“I’m going to go live in a hotel with my 5 year old instead of living in this one because I deserve better,” he said.

He gave us a tour to show us a few areas of concern starting with the interior hallways.

“This spot here has been damp from the day we moved in until just two days ago when I called the city inspector and they had them put a fan in,” Ditty said.

We checked with the municipal authorities that these complaints had been filed.

As we walked through the property, a few other neighbors showed us the condition of their rental units. Some had big holes in their ceilings and walls where they say they saw cockroaches and mice. Others had water leaks in the walls and windows.

Tenants say their concerns are not just inside their units, but also outside.

Ditty said: “The manager told me there was a tarp on the roof that had been there for years with no plans to fix it.”

A sign on the rental office door indicates that there is no property manager on site.

Ditty says he and his neighbors haven’t been able to reach the managers associated with their rental company.

“They don’t know when they register with Oakridge Properties and Gordon Elliott that they are actually registering with a slum owner who doesn’t care about them or their welfare or whatever. or else, “he said.

The owner, Gordon Elliott, did not want to go in front of the camera, but said he was planning to visit the building. He says he was not aware of the problems or that complaints were made to the city. But he says he intends to get those units back in shape.

He also says he will soon have a property manager on site.

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