Tarigami questions govt over job creation, investment claims after Section 370 repeal – Reuters


Srinagar: CPI(M) chief, MY Tarigami, said on Saturday that the repeal of Article 370, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir, had left a “deep scar” in the mind of the people.
The Left Party, as part of its nationwide protest program, demonstrated here at Press Colony against rising prices, unemployment, attacks on the working class, peasants, apple growers and the democratic rights of the people.
Holding placards, protesters shouted slogans against the BJP government’s “anti-people” and repressive policies.
Addressing protesters, Tarigami questioned the government on its claims for job creation, investment and other promises in the region following the repeal of Section 370 in August 2019.
He said all the promises made by the central dispensation “turned out to be a mirage.”
“The unemployment graph has increased significantly and reached levels never seen before. The Monitoring Center for Indian Economy (CMIE) pegged Jammu and Kashmir’s unemployment rate last month at 32.8%, which is the second highest in the country.
“Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the uncertainty in the region, not to mention the development and the creation of new employment opportunities. Thousands of daily workers, casual workers, program workers and others have been denied wages for months,” he said. PTI

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