Tamil Nadu seaweed park will provide opportunities for job creation and economic growth, said Union Minister L Murugan


L Murugan said work would start shortly after receiving the state government’s project report

Chennai: The proposed seaweed park in Tamil Nadu, the state’s first, would provide opportunities for jobs and economic growth, Union Minister L Murugan said on Saturday.

Speaking after the launch of a vaccine collection initiative, as part of the Centre’s “Har Ghar Dastak” Campaign for Door to Door COVID-19[female[feminine vaccination to motivate people to get fully vaccinated against the virus, he said the park, in addition to providing jobs for women in the fishing community, will empower them economically.

As part of the campaign, around 48 districts have been identified, where coverage of the first dose among eligible beneficiaries is less than 50%.

Murugan recalled that the Prime Minister had announced the establishment of the proposed park, which would be the first in the state.

“The demand for seaweed is increasing as it is used in the production of fertilizers and medicines,” said the Minister of State for Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy Products, Information and Health. broadcasting.

Stressing that seaweed is consumed as a food in Japan, he said that it has nutritional content and therefore will be of great importance in the future. “There is room for jobs and economic growth,” he said.

Murugan said work would begin shortly after receiving the report of the project from the government of Tamil Nadu.

During the vaccination campaign launched by him, Murugan said that the prime minister, when interacting with district collectors, asked them to provide vaccines to people at their doorstep.

“Following this, the Union Minister of Health, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, launched the program in Gujarat on November 4 and we are here today to implement it in Tamil Nadu,” he said. he declares.

He said the Center has so far distributed 6.32 crore of vaccines in Tamil Nadu, of which 5.94 crore people have received the vaccines.

“While 71% of people received the first dose, 32% received the second. There are 65 lakh of people who have not yet received the second dose,” he said.

Murugan urged people to take precautions ahead of the holiday season and called on those who have not received the second dose to get vaccinated without further delay. He also asked people to wear masks and follow COVID-19[female[feminine faultless protocols. “Although Deepavali is over, other festivals are coming. Therefore, we must remain vigilant,” he said.

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