Stories of “Creations”: two choreographers discuss their work to be created by Tulsa Ballet | Entertainment


Kozielska said what she looks for in a company, as well as in individual dancers, is not so much impressive technical skills as it is the ability to communicate.

“I’m always looking for dancers who can show emotion, because that’s usually where I start when I create a piece,” she said. “I’m not looking for dancers with perfect technique, because technique is easy to correct. I want to know that they can express the emotions that are in the work.

Kozielska said her process of creating a new work is different every time. She can be inspired by a particular piece of music, a sculpture or a painting, or an idea that she wants to see expressed through movement.

The creation of his first work for the Tulsa Ballet, titled “Ode”, was at first a challenge.

“I was supposed to come to Tulsa last March, but everything stopped,” she said. “The piece I had in mind at the time was totally different, but it didn’t seem like it was the right idea to work on, in light of everything that was going on. “

However, due to the blockages, Kozielska found it difficult to feel inspired to do something new.

“I like going to places – to museums, concerts, places where people get together – because it inspires me, makes me happy,” she said. “But the only thing we could see and feel and know was everything that was going on in the world.

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