Spyker set to resume production and return to motorsport


The historic Dutch brand Spyker, more recently known for its road supercars and for its brief involvement in F1 in 2007, which followed a multi-year adventure in GT2, is expected to see production of three road cars restart after confirmation. of a new partnership and funding were confirmed today.

The new group of investors is led by Michail Pessis (co-owner of SMP Racing Monaco as well as owner of Milan Morady SA in Luxembourg and R-Company GmbH in Germany) and Boris Rotenberg (owner of SMP Racing and BR Engineering) and has concluded an agreement with Spyker Ltd to relaunch the brand after the last depositories declared the company bankrupt in 2014.

These plans clearly involve some form of motorsport program, which has yet to be announced. today’s statement confirming that “Spyker has the opportunity to re-enter the racing arena and aims to gain a strong foothold in the world of motorsport”.

There is no indication if this would be a GT racing version of the road cars, or a return to sports prototype racing, although the timing of the deal is interesting given the cycle of rules. for LMH and LMDh. BR Engineering worked closely with Dallara on the design of their BR1 LMP1 car (above) which competed in the FIA ​​WEC in 2018/19.

Plans have been announced for the planned production of three Spyker models; the Spyker C8 Preliator (above), the Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris SSUV and the Spyker B6 Venator, from 2022 by a new production company Spyker, which will be incorporated in collaboration with Victor R. Muller, CEO of Spyker Ltd.

The investor group has already produced a number of alloy body Spykers in the so-called BR configuration at their own facilities. In the future there will be international cooperation for carbon bodies (internal production in Russia), engineering (Germany, Russia) and the new manufacturing plant in the Netherlands with the (old) Spyker team. Final assembly will take place in the Netherlands. Spyker’s financial, accounting and control department will be operated from Luxembourg.

265 modern road Spykers have been built to date and their after-sales service and maintenance will be an integral part of the new Dutch production facilities. New service centers will be opened on the Côte d’Azur and near the Belgian, French and Luxembourg borders.

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