ShreyaMalhotra aka Shreya.x amazes the world with her phenomenal content creation skills as a fashion influencer.


Not all those who wander are lost is a specific phrase that over the years has held true for many professionals around the world. In many ways, it also means that a few people have experimented in their chosen niches and thrived in whatever they choose to do in their careers and lives. These experiences working around niches lead to the overall career growth of these professionals, ultimately making them a well-recognized name in their industries. Who better than ShreyaMalhotra aka ‘Shreya.x’ to serve as an example here as a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast, traveler and explorer in life, whose game in content creation has inspired many others rising girls in the world of social media.

The South Asian beauty is today admired by many, who dream of making a unique name for themselves as content creators, models and social media influencers. The 20-year-old is a full-time student at Russel Group University in the UK and has always become an inspiration to brunette girls and others in fashion, beauty, travel and more. As a student of business management and marketing, she balances her academic and professional life well by also working as a full-time blogger.

The London-based beauty as a fashion influencer has various collaborations with top global brands such as ‘Oh Polly’, ‘Pretty Little Thing’, ‘Shein’, ‘Fashion Nova’ and more. others. Even as a model and styling enthusiast attending high profile events like several fashion shows for brands such as ‘Oh Polly’ during London Fashion Week 2022 and working on numerous shoots including Payal Malhotra Haute Couture , filming in Dubai has upped its game in the niche. From 2,000 subscribers in 2020, she has now reached over 100,000 subscribers, thanks to the dedication and commitment she has shown in her career in all niches.

Her love for traveling has taken her to different parts of the world like Tulum, Dubai, Santorini, Marbella, Saint Tropez, Monaco, Amalfi Coast, Los Angeles and also a PR trip to top destinations in Europe such as Barcelona and Ibiza with ‘Virgin Voyages’ to celebrate the launch of their Mediterranean cruise.

Her tips, tricks, and entertaining fashion and beauty reels have amazed audiences with valuable content that effortlessly influences people in a positive way.

Connect with her on Instagram @shreya.x to learn more.

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