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STEUBENVILLE — The owner of a commercial property cited for a major code violation 14 months ago has fulfilled his obligations and the complaint has been dismissed, City Judge John Mascio said Wednesday.

The building, located at 168 S. 4th Street, underwent necessary repairs to address city concerns, Mascio said. It is owned by Mark Nelson Holdings LLC. Local businessman Mark Nelson is the sole member.

“The wall and windows of the property at 168 South Fourth St. have been repaired and the property is now up to code,” Mascio said. “The case was dismissed in its entirety.

“The court thanked Mr. Nelson for resolving this case,” Mascio said.

The initial complaint, filed on behalf of the city in May 2021, alleged that inspectors had found “The bricks in the exterior wall sections lack mortar – and the walls are tilting, liable to partially or completely collapse or detach.” He had also cited the owner of the building for broken or missing windows, and its general condition.

Nelson could not be reached Wednesday night for comment, but in the past has had little to say publicly about it.

In 2021, however, he said a vehicle hit the building decades ago, compromising that section of the wall. He also pointed out that the buildings in the city center “were all designed for neighboring buildings to protect and support each other.”

“Each time we lose one of these integral buildings in a block, the others develop new challenges that must be overcome,” he said at the time. “Projects like this are what revitalization sometimes looks like.”

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