SCTCC inaugurates a new manufacturing laboratory



(KNSI) – A campus in Saint Cloud has inaugurated a new state-of-the-art facility to train the region’s future industrialists.

St. Cloud Technical & Community College is building an 8,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing lab that will be ready for students in fall 2023. The project has received approximately $2.5 million from the Federal Development Administration economic.

Senator Tina Smith helped secure the funding and participated in the groundbreaking. She says private sector support was essential for the college to secure the facility.

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“This type of training is a perfect fit for this community because there is strong collaboration between business, education and labor to make sure that happens. You can’t do big projects like this without that strong collaboration from the private sector side. And it exists here.

She says fabrication labs like the one being built at SCTCC will usher in a new era.

“This lab is going to be a part of what I believe is a manufacturing renaissance in this country and in this state. And that requires that we have trained people to be able to access these great jobs directly.

She says the problem of manpower training is huge, especially as the country emerges from the pandemic. SCTCC officials say graduates will find well-paying jobs in the energy and electronics fields through the program.


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