Safety first; The DSI Seguin launches the creation of a new security mission


(Seguin) — “Today’s world is ahead of academics.” These are the words used by Seguin ISD Superintendent Dr. Matthew Gutierrez to address one of two groups of community members who met on Thursday as part of the process of creating the new task force. on the security of Seguin ISD.

According to Dr. Gutierrez, the task force is needed to help “keep safety and security” at the forefront throughout the year. He says that while the district has remained vigilant in securing its schools, much of the public focus in the past two years has been on COVID and the protocols needed to protect a person’s health.

However, following the deadly shooting in Uvalde, approximately 150 community members reportedly responded to the district’s request for assistance to review and improve security protocols used throughout the district. This was one of the district’s immediate responses to the tragedy. It was the district’s way of being preventive.

Gutierrez on Thursday outlined the current security protocols used in the district. He also discussed the district’s desire to create a 30-member committee to review these protocols from a community perspective.

“My number one priority is safety and security and I had shared with the community here today that there have been some sleepless nights, particularly in the days immediately following Uvalde as we have over 7 000 people next year, maybe hundreds more every day and every day we hear another update on Uvalde, so there’s a constant reminder of the importance of safety and security and so to me it’s so important right now to listen to our community, educate them, let them know about our safety and security practices but also have different ideas because a parent has a different perspective than a parent. ‘a principal, from a business leader, a different perspective than a teacher and so I think with this diverse group of people coming together, we’re going to get some valuable insights that are going to help us improve what we already do and maybe get provide additional recommendations that I believe will bring a greater sense of comfort to our community,” sa id Gutierrez.

Nikki Bittings, Student Services Manager for ISD Seguin, also shared the multiple trainings district staff must attend. She says these trainings as well as the on-campus exercises have been in place for several years.
During the pair of meetings, district officials stressed that those selected should be serious about serving on the task force committee and should be available for each of the mandatory meetings this summer.
Gutierrez says not only will the committee work to improve what is already in place, but they will also need to encourage the community to support any changes as well. For example, Gutierrez says, after the mass shooting in May, many local parents and guardians became further upset when campus staff asked them to show photo ID when picking up a student. He says that has always been standard procedure for a campus.

District officials say those who are not selected for the committee or who cannot be part of the whole process will still have the opportunity to make suggestions or express concerns or applause for safety procedures. current. A community survey is also planned for later this summer, once the committee can start meeting.

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