Republican Party building ‘army’ to overturn election results – report | Republicans


The Republican Party is building a grassroots “army” to target and potentially overturn election results in Democratic precincts, the Politico site reported Wednesday, citing video evidence.

The alleged scheme includes installing party-trained volunteers ready to challenge voters at Democratic-majority polling places, creating a website to connect those workers with local lawyers, and setting up a network of district attorneys who could step in to block the vote count.

Many Republicans still believe Donald Trump’s lie that he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden due to widespread voter fraud. At the state level, the party has passed laws that make it harder to vote as pro-Trump candidates run for positions that would give them control over future elections.

Politico obtained a string of Republican meeting tapes between the summer of 2021 and May of this year.

He said one from November shows Matthew Seifried, Republican National Committee (RNC) Election Integrity Director for Michigan, urging Wayne County party activists to seek official designations as scrutineers.

Seifried says, “As a poll worker, you have so many more rights and things you can do to stop something than [as] a poll candidate.

Some of the candidates on the ballot complain that a fraud was committed in 2020 and that the election was “corrupted”.

During another training session last October, Seifried promises to support these workers: “It’s going to be an army. We’re going to have more lawyers than we’ve ever hired, because let’s be honest, that’s where it’s going to fight, right? »

Politico also obtained Zoom recordings of Tim Griffin, legal counsel for Project Amistad, a self-proclaimed election integrity group that former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani once described as a “partner” in the campaign’s legal efforts. Trump to cancel the 2020 election.

Griffin is seen meeting with activists from several states and discussing plans to identify friendly district attorneys who could stage interventions in local election disputes.

He said at a meeting in September, “Remember, guys, we’re trying to create a national network of district attorneys. Your local district attorney, as we always say, is more powerful than your congressman.

“They are the ones who can sit a grand jury. They are the ones who can initiate an investigation, issue subpoenas, ensure records are kept, and so on.

Politico added that installing party loyalists on the council of canvassers, which is responsible for certifying election results, also appears to be part of the Republican strategy.

The revelations are sure to heighten concerns about further attacks on American democracy in 2022 and 2024.

Nick Penniman, Founder and CEO of Number onean election monitoring group, told Politico: “This is completely unprecedented in the history of American elections – for a political party to work at this granular level to build a network. It seems now that the forces of Trump are directly attacking the legal system itself, and that should concern everyone.

The RNC insisted it was simply trying to redress the balance in election monitoring in heavily Democratic cities such as Detroit. Gates McGavick, a spokesman for the RNC, reportedly said: ‘Democrats have had a monopoly on poll watchers for 40 years, and that says a lot that they are terrified of equal opportunities.

“The RNC is focused on training volunteers to participate in the electoral process, as polls show American voters want bipartisan poll monitoring to ensure transparency and security at the ballot box.”

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