Reproduction Excellence Key to Today’s Paper Shortages, Says Creation


Creation Reprographics (“Creation”), a prepress partner dedicated to packaging and label printers, shared their perspective on the changing role of reprographics, which now sees a more protective role for print printers. labels in the face of current paper shortages.

The specialist firm, which supports printers in the food, beverage and FMCG industries, noted changing market priorities as companies look to bolster their supplies by reducing the risk of waste.

Matt Francklow, Managing Director of Creation, explains: “One of the most fascinating aspects of the packaging and print industry is how it flexes, adapts and changes. It’s a real melting pot of consumer needs, brand priorities and market conditions. What we are seeing now is that reprography is playing a more protective role in the printing process. By this we mean that printers look at origin differently – it’s not just about making the print look good, it’s also about making the process safer.

“Key to this change in vision is that with the right reproduction partner in place, the risk of critical printing errors is reduced, which means that paper supplies are not at the mercy of printing errors. printing or color variations. We are in a market where no printer, no matter how small, can afford to waste and where paper shortages are now on the mainstream news agenda. Costs are likely to continue to rise and lead times to lengthen, which could hit label printers hard. When we speak to our existing and potential customers in areas such as color management, workflow digitization and sustainable flexo plate production, it’s clear that more than ever they see reprography as a protective element. It is a nuanced point of view, but very clear.

Shaped by changing market needs, Creation Reprographics offers a tightly curated range of products and services to packaging and label printers. The company takes a sustainability-focused approach to reprography, ensuring its industry partners and customers can create more environmentally friendly label and packaging designs without compromising quality, performance or speed. .

Matt adds, “With the growing pressures of retail and the headaches of paper shortages, printers need to be high performing, durable, cost effective, fast, accurate and secure. It’s a lot to ask, but it doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve. A dedicated reprographics partner like Creation strives to help printers do more in a fiercely competitive marketplace. More and more printers see repro support as protection rather than “just” a way to improve quality and efficiency. It’s an interesting shift in perspective that we hope to see develop over the next few months.

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