Regrid ™ launches Nationwide Land Parcel Data + Matched Building Footprints


This is an industry first where these two location contexts and spatial data sets have been matched and pre-joined into a single plot data solution, at a the price unprecedented. Regrid’s philosophy has always been quality data at superior profitability, and this is true for their Parcels + Footprints product. View Regrid’s Parcel Data Pricing here.

CEO of Regrid, Jerry Paffendorf, says, “Plots of land and building footprints are fundamental to shaping location intelligence and making sense of the growing American landscape of 333 million people. superior quality, ease of use and economy, providing a new basis for all serious spatial applications and analyzes. A next evolution in spatial data is to match public facts about land with newly derived data in an accessible format. In EarthDefine, we’ve found a partner who shares this vision and approach to the market, and you can expect to see more from us. “

Regrid has partnered with one of the leading providers of geospatial data – Earth Define to build this improved product. EarthDefine uses advanced AI and computer vision to derive building footprints from aerial and lidar images. This means greater coverage nationwide, including rural areas and places where building footprints have historically been more difficult to obtain.

EarthDefine CEO Vikalpa Jetly says, “At EarthDefine, we are fully aware that high costs and integration challenges can limit the adoption of geospatial data. The Regrid team shares this understanding, and our partnership is committed to creating the next generation of data solutions that can help users map, analyze, and understand spatial relationships across the United States. The offering of parcel and building footprint data creates the richest core data infrastructure for property measurements, and we hope to build on this to provide further land cover data fueled by the AI in the future.

On Regrid – Regrid is a leading real estate data and location intelligence company, serving a range of industries requiring large-scale land plots and spatial data including real estate, insurance, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, logistics and government.

Regrid was founded as Loveland Technologies in Detroit, Michigan in 2009. Before being known as Regrid, they were known as Landgrid.

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