Record olive oil production in Portugal contrasts with drought-hit winter cereals –


Olive oil production in Portugal is expected to reach a record level this year, with a 46% increase in volume compared to 2019 and contrasting with “historic lows” in winter cereal production, which has been hit by drought, according to figures released Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

“Early estimates, as of January 31, point to record olive oil production in 2021 (2.25 million hectolitres), due to the excellent agro-meteorological conditions observed throughout the season and the thoughtful restructuring of the sector, namely the growing importance of intensive olive groves,” reads the INE statement.

“On the other hand, the negative effects of the severe and extreme meteorological drought are already observable, affecting, at the end of January, 45% of the continent”, he continues.

“One of the most penalized sectors has been livestock, especially extensive livestock, due to poor grazing conditions” and therefore the need for extraordinary supplies of fodder.

In winter cereals, the press release notes, there are also impacts in terms of reduced sown areas – which should be the smallest for a century – “and in the poor vegetative development of rainfed crops”.

“This drought scenario, combined with the increase in input prices, has generated growing uncertainty and concern in the sector,” the note adds.

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