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The Pursuit Institute held its first student event, Advanced Manufacturing Day, on Friday with college robotics club students from three different schools.

Approximately 65 students visited Conner Prairie to learn about manufacturing history, followed by a visit to INDEX Corporation’s 2022 Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) event in Noblesville. Participating schools included Creekside Middle School, Carmel; Hamilton Heights College, Arcadia; and Legacy Christian School, Noblesville.

As a living history museum with strong ties to the community, Conner Prairie uses the past to inform the future. This included providing students with a wide variety of tailored experiences focused on the evolution of manufacturing in Indiana. While at INDEX, students visited a variety of stations to learn about the use of technology, automation, and robotics in advanced manufacturing environments.

Students attending INDEX’s MFG Day event were greeted by the company’s President and CEO, Cris Taylor, who focused on the potential for tremendous career growth within the industry . Then the students were divided into small groups and toured the INDEX facilities. These tours included stops at eight separate learning stations where experts provided information and demonstrations on advanced machine tool technology, automation, additive manufacturing, software, and more.

While at INDEX, students visited a variety of stations to learn about the use of technology, automation, and robotics in advanced manufacturing environments. (Photo provided by Invest Hamilton County)

“As someone who dropped out of college and instead went on to study in a German apprenticeship program, I’m very passionate about making sure young people understand the potential of our industry,” Taylor said. “In the United States, I see that some educators are increasingly keen to ensure their students are aware of opportunities in manufacturing. It is up to us, American manufacturing companies, to engage with schools, students and parents. An MFG Day event provides an excellent vehicle to drive this engagement.

At the end of their visit, the students heard from Jose Zamora, head of training and development at INDEX. Mr. Zamora gave an overview of the first details of a developmental apprenticeship internship program for high school students to be launched in 2023.

“This is a great example of the innovative approach the Pursuit Institute takes to career and technical education,” said Kyle Marshall, deputy director of the Pursuit Institute. “Centered around collaboration with Conner Prairie, INDEX, Helmer Scientific, RZ Automation and Schafer, we are engaging middle school students from across Hamilton County in a truly unique experience centered around advanced manufacturing and innovation. Today is a showcase of tomorrow’s talent actively connecting the dots and building future career aspirations. »

In addition to the group from The Pursuit Institute, INDEX hosted 250 students from Noblesville High School, KIPP Indy Public Schools, the University of Vincennes and the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Other organizations presenting at the event include Helmer Scientific, RZ Automation and Schafer Industries.

Every year, MFG Day is held on the first Friday in October to show students, parents and the public what modern manufacturing is all about. Industry 4.0 technologies are creating whole new careers, requiring a skilled workforce interested in pursuing them. From bioengineers to data analysts to robotics technicians, there’s a place for everyone in manufacturing.

Working with Hamilton County’s six public school systems, Pursuit Institute strives to expand public-private partnerships to create a pool of qualified and accredited students to directly impact the local economy.

Photos provided by Invest Hamilton County & INDEX Corporation

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