Print production issues again impact today’s edition of The Gazette


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A look at the August 25, 2021 edition of The Gazette. (Jim Slosiarek / The Gazette)

Dear Gazette subscribers,

I don’t like these issues two weeks in a row, but another multi-hour production issue at Des Moines Printing will have a significant impact on the printing and delivery of today’s Gazette. As of this writing at 1:30 am, we still have about 9,000 copies of the document to print. This means that it will again be necessary to improvise on the Sunday delivery plan. We ask people to take advantage of free access to today’s edition through the Green Gazette.

Due to the delay of several hours, we will do our best to deliver as much home delivery as possible this morning. All areas that will not receive their papers this morning will be completed by the delivery of the Monday edition. We remain hopeful that we will be able to make single copies of the newspaper for sale at outlets in the region on Sunday.

On behalf of the entire Gazette team, we are deeply sorry for this interruption in home delivery. As I mentioned last week, we are developing alternatives to prevent the impact of press issues from happening again. Implementing the plan – which involves changing production schedules and printing sections – takes a few weeks as it involves changing a variety of things – including when content is due so that it can be printed at advance. These efforts have started, but could not be reversed quickly enough to relieve the pressure this morning.

I appreciate your patience.

Thank you,

Zack Kucharski

Editor-in-chief, La Gazette

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