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A man who allegedly used racial slurs when assaulting a Florida International University student in a filmed attack faces multiple charges, police said.

Sweetwater Police officials said the incident happened Friday at an apartment building southwest of 109th Avenue near the FIU campus.

According to an arrest report, the student was in an elevator when 27-year-old Daniel Augusto Roncancio began insulting him, calling him a racial slur, making fun of his accent and threatening to kill him.

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Daniel Augusto Roncancio

As the victim exited the elevator, Roncancio followed and assaulted him, punching him in the face and upper torso as he continued to use racial slurs, according to the report.

The elevator encounter and hallway attack were captured on security cameras, according to the report.

“He suffered a few injuries, but nothing life-threatening,” Sweetwater Police Officer Jonathan Arche said. “Thank goodness he was able to get away from him in time but was cornered by him. And this individual is much larger than the victim. He is using his height and weight and obviously his mouth which he should have keep closed.”

Police said Roncancio and the victim did not know each other and that Roncancio was not a CRF student.

Roncancio, who had previously been taken into custody by FIU police for another incident, was charged with assault with prejudice and assault with prejudice, according to the report.

Jail records showed he was also charged with trespassing on school grounds, resisting an officer without violence, and assault by an inmate on a visitor or another inmate. Attorney information was not available.

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