Phase 4 has already set up 2 of the MCU’s Infinity Stones replacements


By Moon Knight and Wanda Vision, Marvel seems to be setting up two of the Cornerstones of Creation, which would replace the Infinity Stones in Phase 4. The Infinity Saga films have proven that the six Stones are some of the most powerful relics in the MCU Multiverse. However, their destruction in Avengers: Endgame may have set the stage for Marvel to move on to new cosmic weapons and artifacts.

Given the sheer scale of the Marvel Universe, it’s no surprise that its world is filled with magical items of immense power. Like the Infinity Stones themselves, many of these weapons could serve as the driving force behind some major MCU adventures, with villains looking to use their abilities to achieve their goals. And in just a few years, Marvel has already found a few weapons to fill those roles. Wanda Vision featured the Darkhold, Marvel Comics’ most sought-after spellbook, and Shang-Chi’s solo film featured the MCU debut of the Mandarin’s infamous Ten Rings.


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So far, however, it’s unclear if any of Marvel’s new additions can match the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, which can wipe out half the universe – and worse. That being said, the direction Marvel is taking with Moon Knight and Wanda Vision hints that he’s about to have proper replacements for all six Infinity Stones. Here’s why Marvel seems to be laying the groundwork for the Cornerstones of Creation, what they are, and how two of them have already been put in place.

What are the cornerstones of Marvel’s creation?

Conan Battle for the Serpent's Crown #1

The Cornerstones of Creation is a concept that originated in the pages of Conan the Barbarian, a title that laid the groundwork for several crucial characters and ideas for the Marvel Universe. Conan the Barbarian #128 saw its titular antihero become involved in the search for four ancient relics, known as the Cornerstones of Creation. Thousands of years ago, each cornerstone was forged by an Elder God. The Elder Gods are a race of incredibly powerful supernatural beings who are far more dangerous than any other deity in the Marvel Universe. Four ancient gods – Set, Gaea, Oshtur, Chthon – individually created their own cornerstones.

Set created the Serpent’s Crown, an artifact that allows the wearer to control the minds of others. Gaea’s cornerstone is the Ebon Rose, which possesses a host of mystical abilities. Chthon wrote the Darkhold, which is full of powerful spells laced with dark magic, including one that led to the emergence of werewolves in the Marvel Universe. The final cornerstone is credited to Oshtur, who constructed the Bone Sword, a powerful blade that was once guarded by Ammit’s Marvel Comics counterpart. To prevent their powers from being combined for nefarious purposes, the four cornerstones were placed in distant places.

Cornerstones can make the Darkhold more powerful

WandaVision Scarlet Witch Darkhold

Thanks to Wanda Vision, the Darkhold already exists in the MCU, but Marvel has yet to confirm its status as a cornerstone of creation. An opportunity to do so may present itself. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which should have even greater uses for the mystical grimoire. And based on how Wanda Vision completed, it seems likely that the Darkhold shares the same creator as the Marvel Comics version. What has been said so far about the nature of Scarlet Witch’s powers is consistent with the comics, where Wanda was revealed to be a pawn of Chthon, who controls Chaos Magic. In that case, it would make perfect sense for Marvel to tie Chthon to the Darkhold as well. If so, the Darkhold may have its Cornerstone of Creation origin in the comics.

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Making the Darkhold a cornerstone can make the book enormously more powerful. At this point, Marvel hasn’t really painted a clear picture of the spellbook’s abilities. In the comics, it’s one of the most feared objects on Earth, as it has the potential to trigger Chthon and unleash all sorts of disasters. After all, it is one of the cornerstones, characterized as objects made from the four forces of cosmic energy that gave rise to the universe itself. By connecting the Darkhold to a group of objects with such an impressive legacy, Marvel can underscore just how powerful the Darkhold truly is in the MCU.

How Moon Knight Set Up the Second Cornerstone of Creation

Moon Knight Episode 4 Heka Priest

If the MCU’s Darkhold is a cornerstone, the foundations for a second were laid in Moon Knight episode 4. The episode featured MCU versions of Heka priests, who were revealed to be zombified wizards tasked with protecting the tomb of Alexander the Great. The mention of Heka in Moon Knight raises the possibility of Marvel possibly introducing Heka-Nut, an ancient Egyptian necromancer with ties to the Bonesword. In a 2000s comic book anthology series titled mystical arcana, he forced the X-Men hero Magik to help him retrieve the Bone Sword. In fact, the weapon has motivated most of Heka-Nut’s activities in the Marvel timeline. It was revealed that he had spent 500 years of his life looking for it. It’s not impossible that his MCU counterpart and his followers have the same goal. If so, the bonesword might get an official mention in one of the Moon Knight remaining episodes.

How powerful are the cornerstones of creation compared to the infinity stones

There aren’t many items that can compare to the Infinity Stones, but the Cornerstones of Creation are one of the few that are actually on their level. On its own, each Cornerstone is a force to be reckoned with. This has been proven by the way the Serpent Crown and the Darkhold have been used in Marvel Comics. The two have been mainstays in several Marvel Comics crossover storylines and events. When one of them is involved, it usually takes large teams of superheroes to sort out the trouble they cause. Set’s Serpent Crown, for example, brought down entire civilizations, and it nearly did the same for Atlantis.

When the four cornerstones of creation come together, they are strong enough to match the infinity gauntlet. In Marvel Comics, whoever put them all together could rewrite reality to their liking, essentially allowing the user to accomplish whatever they wanted. Since having by WandaVision Darkhold and the other three Cornerstones would grant the wearer seemingly unlimited power, the four relics – much like the MCU’s Infinity Stones – could one day become the targets of an ambitious conqueror in the same vein as Thanos. A deeper exploration of Egyptian mythology and stories of gods like Seth and Gaia in Moon Knight can help prepare this scenario for phase 5.

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