Peruvian Manufacturing Company Tells OAS Peru Doesn’t Suffer Coup



The National Society of Industries (SNI) said on November 2 that “Peru is not undergoing a ‘coup’ which alters the democratic order”. The statement comes ahead of a visit by the Organization of American States (OAS) which intends to analyze the current political situation in the country.

According to the manufacturing industry advocacy group, “the investigations by the Crown and Congress are constitutional and further the defense of democracy. These make it possible to clarify the serious acts of corruption which would involve President Pedro Castillo and his closest collaborators.

The SNI statement is a response to the October 20 decision of the OAS Permanent Council to activate the Inter-American Democratic Charter at the request of President Castillo. The Organization will send a “high-level” delegation to analyze the political situation in the country later in November.

Earlier, Castillo had asked the OAS to intervene to overcome the country’s political crisis. The president is currently under investigation by the prosecution for allegedly leading an entrenched corruption network within the government.

President Pedro Castillo and OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro. Image courtesy of ANDINA.

According to the SNI, the prosecution’s investigations serve to protect “the integrity of institutions” and “the independence of public authorities”.

In addition, the organization expects the OAS to end the final report with a “transparent and objective assessment”.

“It is necessary for the delegation to meet not only with the legislature, the executive branch and the judiciary, but also with society, including representatives of small, medium and large companies,” he said.

Peruvian Foreign Minister César Landa said Nov. 3 that OAS representatives will arrive in Lima on Nov. 20 to carry out their meeting schedule.

Jesus Salazar Nishi. President of the National Society of Industries (SNI). Image courtesy of SNI.

The SNI was created on June 12, 1896 with the idea of ​​representing and promoting the industrial sector and protecting the interests of national private industry.

Currently, it has more than 1,000 companies representing 90% of the country’s gross national product.

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