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At the end of October, we also reached the end of Manufacturing Month – a time to celebrate the creators of things big and small, from the electricity that powers your home to the medicines that keep you healthy to the vehicle that takes you wherever you need to go.

Manufacturing is Pennsylvania’s economic engine, fueling growth and prosperity in all communities.

The manufacturing industry provides family jobs for more than half a million Pennsylvanians, making it our third largest employer. And manufacturing is Pennsylvania’s largest economic sector in terms of statewide economic output – at more than $110 billion a year.

But making it is not easy.

Manufacturers must invest in their people to build the workforce of tomorrow and be willing to combine their highly skilled workforce with cutting-edge technologies to create the next generation facilities of the future. But they need resources to help them achieve this goal.

“Pennsylvania’s Manufacturing Competitiveness Playbook” – – gives state leaders a playbook to winning the future of manufacturing, exposing the issues manufacturers face and offering game-changing recommendations.

By implementing these common sense recommendations, Pennsylvania can once again be recognized for its industrial might not just this October, but throughout the year – and every year for generations to come.

Dave Sweet, President, MECCO

Cranberry Township

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