Pamilerin Adegoke, Olufemi Oguntamu, Tunde TNT and Taiwo Adeyemi lead the content creation panel at the New Media Conference 2022



The content creation industry is gaining momentum and becoming a mainstream career option for the large population of young Nigerians, riding on viral media. The New Media Conference (NMC) 2022 #Viralityincontentcreation panel observed that the emergence of viral media technology has revolutionized the content creation industry and opened up economic opportunities.

The NMC 2022 conference was held on Saturday, October 29 in Lagos at the British Council Nigeria office with attendees from across the continent. The conference, organized by Oluwatosin Ajibade, founder of OloriSuperGal (OSG) Media, focused on how viral media shapes different facets of human interaction, including arts, technology, finance, fashion, content creation and politics.

“The coolest part about creating content over the years is that now you can proudly own it as a career and you’ll be accepted,” said Taiwo Adeyemi, talent agent, creative director, and storyteller. “In the past, your parents would have preferred their children to be doctors and lawyers, but times have changed.” The panel highlighted the democratization of access to the industry that has been made possible by the availability of smartphones, deepening internet penetration, and low-cost or free social media platforms.

According to content creator, media entrepreneur and philanthropist Pamilerin Adegoke, the content creation industry attracts young Nigerians because it is flexible and lucrative. “I can sit anywhere, create content anywhere in the world, and get paid,” he said.

Nigeria’s content creation space has also been highlighted as an essential tool that businesses and brands can use to control their narrative and tell their stories. Tunde Morolari, creative director of Street Church, added that high-profile content can help brands break into new markets and reach a wider audience. “Viral content is important in the globalization of brands,” he said.

Olufemi Oguntamu, media strategist and talent manager, encouraged creators to look beyond likes and views, but instead pay attention to process and the end result. Additionally, Olufemi advised creators to focus on monetizing content rather than going viral for the sake of it. “After virality comes consistency to keep the audience you’ve already gained,” he noted.

Panelists spoke about the need for content creators to be intentional in the messages they put out, consider legal implications, and avoid misinformation. They also encouraged industry participants to be open to the technology-driven changes that will occur as new platforms emerge. Importantly, the panel highlighted the need to invest more in building an intent pipeline and new content creations to build skills, as well as learn business and creative ethics. of content.

“Let’s be open to creating schools in Africa where people go to get bachelor’s degrees in photography, and other forms of content creation, etc.,” Morolari said.

The roundtable, moderated by media entrepreneur Moji Delano, concluded on a high note with an interactive session with conference attendees. The event was organized by Isabella Adediji, the founder of Yellow Tamarind Productions, a Lagos-based media and public relations company.

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