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Maui County and Ogden Newspapers Inc. have agreed to end talks on the sale of The Maui News building in Wailuku that the county had planned to buy for nearly $10 million.

The 6.3 acre parcel is located at 100 Mahalani Street across from the Cameron Center. The county had considered buying the land and three buildings in hopes of expanding office space and saving on rent.

In March 2021, the Maui County Council passed legislation allowing the administration to acquire the 6.3-acre parcel for $9.8 million to convert into needed office space.

“I did my best as we negotiated for months in good faith,” Mayor Michael Victorino said in a county news release Friday afternoon. “But the economic conditions improved and, in the end, the company chose to remain the owner of its building. I’m disappointed for the county, but I’m also happy for our local newspaper.

Maui News editor Chris Minford pointed out that the economy has opened up and things are “I’m definitely taking Maui back.”

“At the end of the day, the economy is doing better than it was a year, a year and a half ago,” Minford said Friday afternoon.

He added that it was too early to say what the company planned to do with the front building, which has been vacated for possible sale. He said Ogden had no plans to sell the building.

“I want to thank Mayor Victorino and the County of Maui for working with us on the proposed sale of The Maui News building,” said Minford. “We have decided to keep the real estate and continue publishing The Maui News from our current location. The Maui News has been an important part of the Maui community for over 120 years. The newspaper will continue to be a valuable resource for our readers and advertisers for many years to come.

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