Offices for collaboration and co-creation

Cisco: Nothing Can Replace Personal Interaction
Cisco employees began to r back to the office. “We know that nothing can replace personal interactions,” says Sirisha PalepuDirector of People and Communities at Cisco India & Saarland. However, it will be a hybrid arrangement. Employees can work where they feel most productive. But Palepu says there will be “a core set of defined expectations and beliefs for teams, leaders and individuals.” Cisco calls this their “Collaborative Commitments”.
As a result, the offices are reorganized. Before the pandemic, Palepu says, about 95% of the space was allocated to individuals. “Today, we have transformed the purpose of our offices into collaboration centers – places where people can come together for rituals, collective work and connection,” she says. Transportation is provided to all employees at nominal cost.
IBM: campaigns to bring people back to the office
In IBM’s Indian offices, individual teams and their managers decide when to come to the office. And it’s mostly to collaborate and co-create, says Thirukkumaran Nagarajan, HR manager. To encourage employees to return to work, the company organizes thematic food festivals and has launched campaigns such as “Let’s Meet”. Let’s create. where IBMers share the strengths of collaboration with their teams in the workplace.

IBMers gathered in their design studio
“Today we see the majority of IBMers spending at least two days in the office. When they come to work in the office, they don’t spend all day behind their desks, but in impactful collaborations and meetings with their colleagues. There is no longer a scenario where someone has to come into the office just to do their routine work,” says Nagarajan.

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