NOM for Good Manufacturing Practices Published by Gazette


The new NAME of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) concerning cosmetic products was published in the Federal Official Journal of 5 Julye2022. The NOM establishes several requirements that companies must meet when producing and importing cosmetic products, in order to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the product.

First, the NOM provides hygiene requirements for working personnel, sanitary conditions of facilities, use of equipment, inspection and receipt of raw materials and packaging, and processing operations. production, transportation and quality control. The standard further establishes that companies are required to record and document NOM compliance, which must be made available to health authorities upon request.

In addition, the NOM requires companies to have a complaints and returns procedure. These investigations must be the subject of instructions, in the same way as pharmacovigilance or technovigilance actions, in particular those related to the toxic or allergenic aspects of the product, so that the company can ensure appropriate follow-up.

The NOM itself goes into effect on September 2n/a2022, however, the requirement to document compliance comes into effect on December 31st2022, and facility adequacy requirements come into effect March 1st2023.

The Secretary of Health and federal entities oversee compliance with the standard.

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