Nintendo will no longer allow accounts to be created via Twitter or Facebook, why?


From Nintendo it was announced that soon it would no longer be possible to log in or create Twitter or Facebook accounts (via Eurogamer); this from October 25th.

So, from October 25, users will need to log in with their Nintendo Account username and password or via the link Google Where Apple Account.

If you are prompted to log in again once Nintendo’s new policy takes effect, simply enter your email address or username to log in.

Now, in an effort to make logging in easier, linking the account to Twitter or Facebook makes it easier to add friends, as Nintendo can prompt potential users to add from either account.

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In such a way that, since Nintendo’s update in its Switch Online mobile application, it is no longer necessary to link Twitter or Facebook accounts to speed up the process.

More news from Nintendo.

Another announcement made by Nintendo was the elimination of Image Sharing on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS from October 25th, meaning you will no longer be able to post images to Twitter or Facebook via either another device.

The truth is, it’s no surprise since Nintendo removed features on both devices.

However, it was unclear if images can still be shared directly from Switch to Twitter or Facebook, so some of the restrictions Nintendo places around its products remain adrift, but most importantly how it separates itself from interaction. in two of the most important social networks on the planet.

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