Nihon Chouzai: Notification concerning the creation of a Basic Sustainability Policy, the establishment of a Sustainability Committee, and the identification of mater



20 December 2021

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Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd.


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Notification regarding the creation of a basic sustainability policy, the establishment of a

Sustainable development committee and identification of material issues

Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) announces that it adopted a resolution at the meeting of its board of directors held on December 20, 2021 to create a basic policy in terms of sustainable development and to establish a sustainable development committee , as part of the efforts to achieve a sustainable society and increase the value of the enterprise. At a sustainability committee meeting held on the same day, the following “material issues” (key issues) were identified.

1. Objectives

As societal and environmental issues become more and more serious, the Nihon Chouzai Group considers sustainability as an important management theme and has created a basic sustainability policy and established a sustainability committee chaired by the president and CEO to strengthen and effectively execute sustainability activities. The company has also identified the material issues to be favored within the framework of these activities.

2. Basic sustainability policy

Within the Nihon Chouzai Group, we are aware that sustainability is a key element of management strategies to increase the value of the company in the medium and long term. Based on dialogues and collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders, we build fair and highly transparent management platforms that respect human rights and take into account environmental protection. Through our business activities, we will work to solve social problems in the medical and health fields and to pursue social sustainability.

3. Creation of the sustainability committee

(1) Roles of the committee

This committee, placed directly under the jurisdiction of the board of directors, will oversee and evaluate the progress of activities targeting specified material issues, integrate the results into business strategies and deliberate on compliance with international guidelines and participation in initiatives, all in

report to the board of directors if deemed appropriate.

(2) Composition of committee members

The Sustainability Committee will be chaired by the President and CEO and includes committee members selected by the Nihon Chouzai Board of Directors.

4. Hardware issues identified

Nihon Chouzai identified 21 material issues requiring contributions to a sustainable society. On the basis of these material issues, which are separated into six main groups, we will promote the activities from the point of view of both contribution through business activities and strengthening the foundation of management.

Key thematic group


Hardware issues

Increase the effectiveness of drug treatments for patients


by strengthening the functions of the pharmacy (welcoming

health and regional health)

Expanding the functions of pharmacies to support the health of


community (e.g., disease prevention and



Contribute to the social

safety by ensuring the appropriate use of

Quality of care and

pharmaceutical products in pharmacies


Ensure the continued operation of pharmacies as a


health / well-being infrastructure, and respond effectively to

disasters, pandemics and other crises


Ensure medical safety in pharmacies


Leverage DX to Promote Online Healthcare and Create New



Publish polls and research that contribute

to the development of health care

Quality and stable supply of


Undertake R&D and manufacture of safes,

high quality pharmaceuticals



Ensuring a stable supply of pharmaceuticals


Provide “human” support to provide quality care

Solve human problems


in health establishments


Support occupational health and general health,

including mental health, by introducing occupational physicians

Contribute to


Reduce waste and increase resource efficiency

a carbon neutral,

use, especially in pharmacies and factories


circular economy


Reduce CO2 emissions by increasing energy efficiency

and promote the use of renewable energies


Building supply chains that respect the environment and society

with exceptional transparency

Secure the workforce that supports the growth of the company,


and put in place HR systems that promote the growth of

Promote and use



Promote diversity, respect for human rights,

diverse workforce

and the participation of women at work


Establish a work environment that improves employees

health and motivation


Support areas of health and well-being (for example, people

incurable diseases or disabilities)

Strengthen governance for


Continuously strengthen corporate governance and disclose

information with a high level of transparency

assume their social responsibilities


Continuously strengthen compliance and prevent corruption


Create opportunities by evaluating and

respond to risks

For more details on material issues, please see Nihon Chouzai Sustainability website (



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