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Terry Ackland-Snow is a legend in the film industry, having created some of the most memorable worlds in cinema – and he’s written a book.

If you’ve ever imagined building your own Batmobile 89 (and let’s face it, who hasn’t seriously considered quitting your day job and building Batmobiles all day, every day) then you’re in luck because a new book might contain all the blueprints you need. Terry Ackland-Snow, the legendary art director who worked on two James Bond films, Aliens, Batman, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Labyrinth and The Rocky Horror Picture Show releases a delightful new book featuring never-before-seen footage, production sketches, and a promised “wealth of fun and eye-opening anecdotes.”

The Art of Cinema: Working on James Bond, Aliens, Batman and More by Terry Ackland-Snow is set to launch this month, and even if you don’t have your own Batcave where you could use the book to build your own Batmobile, we’re pretty sure the book would look great in any location. what a Nerdcave, or even on your coffee table.

In 2001, Ackland-Snow created the Film Design International Art Direction Training Course at Pinewood Film Studios and oversaw teaching there, so you can imagine he might also have a story or two to tell. that time. The book is set to launch on March 24 – you can find more here.

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