New development bank headquarters building – stunning display of NorthGlass super glass



The BRICS New Development Bank headquarters building is the first headquarters of an international financial organization in Shanghai, but also another international organization project built by Shanghai NorthGlass after the Qingdao Summit main venue project. The project is located on the EXPO site An “ecological function” area, and faces the Lujiazui Financial Center and the “Eastern Crown” EXPO China Pavilion, which become the city’s unique booths and image window the along the Huangpu River.

The architectural design concept of the new development bank with a triangle symbolizes stability and balance, and the rotating power represents innovation and development. The construction plan continues to rotate and rise, forming a stable and changing five-segment shape, which signifies the integrated development of the five BRICS countries.

The new development bank consists of a main building 150 meters high and an adjoining podium building. The super glass of the whole project is made by Shanghai NorthGlass, including the 9.6 x 1.7 m super glass in the main building lobby, the 9.2 x 1.7 m super glass in the podium building banquet hall and glass ribs of the same size. It is also a technically difficult part of the glass curtain wall of the headquarters of the New Development Bank.

NorthGlass provided double SGP Low-E insulating laminated glass for the project, and 5 layers of ultra-white SGP laminated glass for the glass ribs attached using the process of metal parts integrated with glass, and each piece of metal parts integrated with glass required an error of less than 1mm, which means that the precision requirements of glass processing are very strict, at the same time such a size of glass processing is a huge challenge, but Shanghai NorthGlass technical team overcame technical difficulties, innovated special equipment and process, and completed product installation after the flatness and stress points reached the top mark, which obtained the owner’s affirmation.

The New Development Bank’s super glass facade can be described as an intuitive reflection of quality. The super glass front increases the overall permeability, greatly improves the illuminating ability, and looks brighter under the sunlight reflection. NorthGlass works with the design team and the curtain wall team to create a safe, efficient, healthy and humanized office space.

The New Development Bank project has successfully passed the three-star China Green Building, American LEED Platinum grade and three-star China Health Building certifications. The project provides a very good model to discuss the application of super glass curtain walls by bank headquarters in high density urban areas. On the path of practicing the sustainable development of very tall building glass, NorthGlass has constantly innovated and developed. While participating in the construction of global iconic buildings, NorthGlass also contributes to the development of sustainable buildings in the new era.


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