New Courses on Building an M&A Function, M&A Plan, and Go-to-Market Strategy


CHICAGO, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The M&A Science Academy is launching three new courses on its platform. Instructors understand Bani Bedi, Aaron Whitingand Javid Moosaji.

Bani’s course titled, “The secrets of building an M&A function” dives into the details of building an M&A function. She explains how to develop diligence and integration muscles, how to find opportunities and build a strategic thesis, different strategies to adopt, as well as how to mature the process.

Aaron’s course titled, “How to Build a M&A Plan” focuses on why modern chords require a different approach than the classic “cascade” method. He reviews his experience in building and adopting an M&A plan, including cadences, common challenges, and his do’s and don’ts.

Javid’s course titled, “A deep dive into go-to-market strategy” introduces the various intricacies of developing and implementing a go-to-market strategy. Topics covered include the relationship between a go-to-market strategy and the onboarding process, how to initiate a conversation about it with management, and finally how it varies for a back-end acquisition versus a front-end acquisition. .

All three courses are available online to M&A Science Academy subscribers. Both subscription types include unlimited access to a library of additional courses. Learn more about the M&A Science Academy at

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