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Construction of Cayuga Health’s 65,000 square foot Cayuga Park Medical Office Building is nearing the finish line. When complete, the five-story facility will dominate Ithaca’s waterfront, act as a gateway into the city from the north end, and improve access to healthcare for residents of underserved neighborhoods. .

Jeffery Penoyer, COO of Cayuga Medical Associates, said, “The facility is expected to open in late summer or early fall 2023, but is dependent on the construction schedule.

Cayuga Health President and CEO Dr. Martin Stallone said the decision to open a new location in downtown Ithaca was “based on several factors.” According to Stallone, “At Cayuga, we believe in continually improving healthcare accessibility for residents of downtown Ithaca. In addition to making our care more accessible, we invest in the latest technology and facility design to ensure that Cayuga Health provides our communities with the best care possible.

He went on to say, “This is also part of a larger initiative to bring together complementary services to support patients throughout their healthcare journey. We do this in several locations, including Cayuga Park, Cayuga Health in Lansing (in Ithaca shops), Cayuga Health on Tompkins Street in Cortland, and Schuyler Hospital in Montour Falls. Each of these locations aims to provide a streamlined continuum of care to those we serve.

According to Stallone, “In this challenging employment environment, this consolidation of many practice sites into fewer and more integrated sites will produce operational efficiencies, which will only benefit our patients through the responsible use of our resources”.

Penoyer said the decision to open a downtown location was made because “at the time, the greatest need was identified in the downtown area.” He went on to say, “Many people who reside in this area do not have access to transportation, which is a barrier to high-level and timely health services. Cayuga Park’s location will help solve this problem.

According to Penoyer, “To be clear, we are expanding and improving health services in several places. Our efforts at Lansing Mall and Cortland will also provide convenient access to high-quality care for people in these communities. Finally, we continuously assess where the greatest needs lie and our mission is to address unmet needs in a responsible order.

Regarding the city’s evolving medical needs, Stallone said, “Meeting the healthcare needs of our community is our top priority. We recognize that our population is aging and that there are more people with complex medical conditions that require integration of care between providers from different specialties.

Additionally, he says there are social dimensions of care that complicate the effectiveness of medical treatment. According to Stallone, “That’s why we continue to develop cooperative relationships with different community organizations that provide services that address ‘social determinants of health’ such as food services, transportation, housing, and other non-health services. medical which are equally important for people to be healthy.

When asked what will be housed in the new Meadow Street building, Penoyer said: ‘We are pleased to be able to offer several specialist offerings as well as primary care, immediate care and the services that support those offerings at this place. There will be several other specialists, but the final list of offers is still being finalized.

Stallone says the new Ithaca waterfront facility will improve healthcare for Ithaca residents by providing “more convenient access to streamlined, integrated healthcare services in one convenient location. For some specialties, this location will bring together key services under one roof to make the patient experience more seamless.

Despite the many positives of the project, some residents have expressed sadness that the Welcome to GreenStar mural is no longer visible. In response, Stallone said Cayuga Medical agreed the mural was “a great welcome to the Ithaca community. We understand the GreenStar mural was installed as a temporary measure until construction.”

He went on to say, “We view the Cayuga Park development as the gateway to downtown Ithaca from the north. There will be a sign on the Cayuga Park property welcoming people to the community of Ithaca. In addition, Cayuga Health is studying the possibility of placing an additional mural in the downtown area. »

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