Mystery Solved – How a portable building ended up left along a road in Hays County



AUSTIN (KXAN) — It didn’t take a double take to spot a portable double-door building parked on the side of Hilliard Road just outside San Marcos.

“I just drove by and saw it and thought, ‘huh, this is new,'” Elizabeth Yakubik said.

It’s not the kind of “new” Yakubik likes to see in her neighborhood, and she added that the oversized load overwhelmed her welcome.

“It sets a bad precedent,” she said. “It’s just a horror.”

She said the building had been there for nearly three weeks “with no signs of moving”.

It’s unclear what the building was used for, but looking inside it seems that at one time it could have been portable classrooms. Books, papers and works of art littered the floor.

Outside, on one of the doors, was a sticker from the Hays County Sheriff’s Office. He marked the structure as abandoned with possible impoundment within 48 hours of the posted date of October 28.

With the two days already past, KXAN Investigator Mike Rush contacted the Hays County Sheriff’s Office. A spokesperson said the building was parked there due to construction on Interstate 35.

According to the sheriff’s office spokesperson, a contractor was moving the building to Austin but didn’t consider construction on Interstate 35, so he had to park it while waiting for permits to travel on the highways instead. county and state roads.

The spokesperson told Rush that permits had just been approved and the building should be moved shortly.

“Hopefully this building will be out by the end of next week,” Yakubik said.

Even better – four days after Rush met Yakubik, the building was gone.

Although Yakubik said she believed the building was from a recently sold nearby property, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office did not confirm this.

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