Manufacturing projects expected to create jobs and tax revenue in Concord Township


July 9 – The Township of Concord recently issued industrial zoning permits for two projects that local officials say will bring jobs and taxpayer dollars to their community.

Cometic Gasket, Inc., is spending about $1 million to add about 11,000 square feet to its existing facilities in Concord Township, noted Heather Freeman, director of planning and zoning for the township. Meanwhile, Newbury-based Steven Douglas Corp. plans to build an $8 million headquarters and manufacturing facility in Concord.

Jeff Gorman, president of Cometic Gasket, said his family-owned company will expand its facilities so it can produce more engine gaskets for motorsports, aftermarket racing and other automotive needs.

“We’ve grown at a pretty good rate, so we bought the property next to us a few years ago, and now we’re just trying to add more equipment and increase our production,” he said. he declares.

Gorman added that the expansion will bring 15 to 20 new jobs, noting that the company is “always looking for more employees.”

Gorman, who grew up in the area, said the company will sponsor an upcoming event for the township’s bicentennial. Cometic Gaskets is also in talks with the township to design products for township vehicles, including construction equipment and trucks.

“We have always enjoyed the Concord Township community, we believe it is also growing and has a lot to offer,” he said. “We are very proud to be from northeast Ohio and love to bring our customers and vendors in to show them around.”

Concord Administrator Andy Rose noted that the increased value of the facility, which is estimated to be completed in late spring 2023, will provide the community with more property tax revenue.

“We are happy for Cometic,” he said. “They have been part of the Concord manufacturing community for several decades and we love that they continue to grow and succeed.”

Meanwhile, Steven Douglas Corp. is looking to build a new headquarters and manufacturing facility on Discovery Lane. According to its website, the company produces equipment used in factory automation.

Rose said the company needed a larger facility with improved road access.

He said that in addition to the property tax revenue the facility will bring to Concord Township, the township will receive tax revenue from the company’s net profits and income from the 54 employees, as the facility will part of the Concord-Painesville Joint Economic Development District.

As noted on Concord Township’s Concord-Painesville JEDD page, 1.75% of employee income and net business profits will be taxed by JEDD, with 69% of income going to Concord Township, 23% to the town of Painesville and the remaining 8%. on the JEDD Board of Directors.

Rose said the headquarters of Steven Douglas Corp. has an estimated completion date of summer 2023.

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