Manufacturing Keep It Cold in Corpus Christi


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Keep It Cold is a company that now manufactures refrigerated trailers here in Corpus Christi. The facility is located on Hangar Lane at the airport.

Chamber and county officials were at the grand opening to celebrate the company and its plans to build mobile refrigerated trailers.

Currently, these trailers are rented out to restaurants, fairs, and other businesses in places like Los Angeles, Denver, and Dallas. They are looking to start selling these trailers, all made here.

Keep It Cold CEO Larry Klein told 3NEWS: “I chose Corpus Christi because of the people here. I just wanted to say that. I could have gone to San Antonio, I could have gone to Austin. , some of these other obvious places for big manufacturing, but I know Al Dodge very well and the people here have been so helpful.”

Keep It Cold will start with a handful of employees building the mobile trailers. Klein said supply issues are keeping manufacturing at a blistering pace, but he hopes by next year he will have tripled the number of workers here.

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