Major U.S. Grower Expands Greenhouse Strawberry Production


Nature Fresh Farms has announced that it has increased its production of newly launched strawberries. The response to their first berry sampling was so positive that the company expanded its strawberry acreage from 1 to 16 in just one year. In high demand due to greenhouse supply security, higher flavor profiles of their berries, and increased consumer demand for more local sourcing, the company recently began picking its plants and is now beating its full with production.

Always looking for more hearty and tasty products, the strawberries from Nature Fresh Farms are no exception and are particularly sweet. Plus, being grown in a greenhouse means they have extended production times from October to the end of June.

“After a few years of continuous testing, development and working with our key partners, we are ready to enter the market,” said Matt Quiring, Director of Sales. “With the higher price of greenhouse strawberries, we know our taste and quality have to stand out. We have developed the recipe for success, now we are excited to put the first berries in the hands of consumers. We look forward to evolving and disrupting the berry category as we enter this space! »

As with all Nature Fresh Farms products, with the new strawberries you can rest assured that you are eating some of the most sustainable berries on the planet. The company recycles 100% of its nutritious water, grows in coconut husks and uses bumblebees to pollinate its flowers.

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