Lonza and IBF Collaborate to Support the Development and Manufacturing of Biologics and Small Molecules


Lonza and Israel Biotech Fund form a two-year agreement to support accelerated development and manufacturing of biologics and small molecules.

On May 24, 2022, Lonza and Israel Biotech Fund (IBF), a venture capital fund investing in Israeli and Israel-related biotech companies, announced that they had entered into a framework agreement. Under the agreement, Lonza will provide IBF with pre-investment due diligence support and offer IBF portfolio companies tailored advice and flexibility and services for biologics development and manufacturing. and small molecules. In return, IBF will provide Lonza with access to its portfolio companies and its extensive network in the Israeli biotech industry.

The two-year agreement aims to expand the scope of services provided by Lonza to pharmaceutical companies in the Israeli ecosystem. It also gives Lonza the opportunity to meet the unique needs of Israeli pharmaceutical companies looking to simplify and reduce the risks associated with the development of their molecules.

Israel had more than 1,750 active life science companies at the end of 2020, many of which were start-ups and small biotech companies. IBF, established in 2015, is dedicated to investing in and developing the biotech industry in Israel and has played a key role in Israel’s biotech ecosystem. The organization is exposed and familiar with the market and major players in the Israeli pharmaceutical industry as well as most biotech companies and projects.

As part of the collaboration, Lonza will advise IBF in its screening of candidate biotech targets and provide tailored offering, advice and services to IBF’s portfolio companies targeting healthcare innovations that focus on the development of therapeutic actives and disruptive platforms.

“We have chosen to partner with IBF, a leading investment fund in Israel, due to their unique investment strategy, extensive network and approach. We are delighted to implement this framework agreement which will provide IBF and its portfolio companies with services and expertise across multiple modalities,” Pnina Weitz, global head of venture capital business development and relationship management, Lonza, said in a press release. ‘company. “IBF’s network will enable Lonza to benefit from these connections and offer services and expertise in multiple modalities. Lonza’s personalized and scalable network of solutions in the development and manufacturing of biologics and small molecules will enable these companies to leverage our global network and experience and focus on what they do best: developing innovative and transformative treatments.”

“Lonza is a leading and reputable global manufacturer, and we are delighted to collaborate with them. The unique business model offered by the collaboration agreement will provide Lonza with broad access to the Israeli market and enable our portfolio companies to leverage leveraging Lonza’s expertise and innovative activities, these companies will benefit from a streamlined development and manufacturing process, allowing them to focus on research and development and preclinical studies,” said Ido Zairi, co- founder and managing partner, IBF, in the press release.

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