Local litter collection group fears creating green space is counterproductive


Residents of Oswaldtwistle must once again clean up after disrespectful people who continue to litter the area.

The photographs show several mountains of litter bags that were collected from Tinder Brook by the Ossy Litter Pickers.

Some of the trash collected included gas canisters, drink cans and plastic bottles, as well as take-out food waste.

The Ossy Litter Pickers are a group of passionate volunteers who spend their free time cleaning the streets of Oswaldtwistle to maintain a clean and welcoming environment for residents and visitors.

Box of charity bags that were found dumped in a bush in Tinder Brook

Speaking about the sea of ​​litter they encounter each week, the Ossy Litter Pickers said: “We think creating ‘green spaces’ is a brilliant idea that can only benefit the community. However, we have serious reservations about the upkeep of these areas in regards to trash and litter.

“Trash piles up quickly and volunteer groups like ours end up being the ones clearing it from the green spaces and the creek itself.”

The group of volunteers announced that they would take a short break from litter pick-up and resume cleaning up the community in September. So there are growing concerns that litter problems will get worse if people don’t start cleaning up after themselves.

The group of volunteers continued: “Most of the waste is non-biodegradable and harmful to the wildlife that is encouraged in these areas.

“It seems counterproductive to create wildlife habitats only to see them ruined by human activity, killing the wildlife they are meant to support.”

Last week, a plan for a new nature park in Oswaldtwistle, called “Bury Meadows”, was accepted.

Cllr Caroline Montague, Hyndburn Council’s Green Ambassador, said: “This national park development will support biodiversity and preserve this beautiful outdoor space for future generations. I am really delighted that the council is investing in this way and I have looking forward to being part of this exciting project.”

However, members of the litter collection group and some residents of Oswaldtwistle are unconvinced that a new park is the best idea, wondering who is going to keep the area clean.

Lancashire Telegraph: Another photo of litter collected at Tinder Brook by Ossy Litter PickersAnother photo of litter collected in Tinder Brook by Ossy Litter Pickers

One resident said: “I’m all for having a new nature park in Oswaldtwistle, but the picture above shows the condition of the paths we have now. I hope that money will be available for the maintenance of the new park.

Conservative Councilor and Environmental Services Cabinet Member Steven Smithson said: “As holder of the Environmental Services Portfolio at Hyndburn, one of my top priorities is tackling fly tipping and littering.

“We will take tougher action against the people who have destroyed our communities here in Hyndburn. The Ossy waste pickers are doing a fantastic job in Oswaldtwistle and I’m proud to play a small part in this group and fully understand their concerns. .

“The new Bury Meadows woodland park in Oswaldtwistle is part of our wider plan for investment across the town of Hyndburn, with green space and facilities a key priority.

“The development of Country Park will support biodiversity and safeguard this beautiful outdoor space for future generations.”

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